FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The Trattoria Timone FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

A:Our business hours are as follows:

Monday Closed
Tuesday 11:30 am to 9:00 pm

Wednesday 11:30 am to 9:00 pm

Thursday 11:30 am to 9:00 pm

Friday 11:30 am to 9:00 pm

Saturday 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Sunday 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm

A:As per our hours noted above, no. However, we will open the restaurant for large groups that meet the required minimum adult guest count of 40 people. Because we would be opening especially for your group you would agree to the terms and conditions of our large party contract and agree to begin and end your event on time.
A:Yes, we do. You can reserve online, by visiting our website. You can also download our mobile app and reserve through our app or give us phone call.
A:We do offer delicious desserts; however, we understand that on special occasions you would like to bring a celebratory cake. In this case we do charge for storing, presenting, cutting, plating, serving and clean up. Our fee is $4.00/person. This is not negotiable and will be added directly to your final bill.
A:We have an incredible wine selection, however if you have a special wine, and wish to have us open and serve, our corkage fee is $35.00 per 750ml. We do not allow magnums or large jugs of wine. Standard 750ml is what is allowed as per our liquor license.
A:NO. We offer fruit platters. All food is prepared by Trattoria Timone. Please ask one of our Event Planners to quote you.
A:NO. All food is prepared by Trattoria Timone. Please ask one of our Event Planners to quote you.
A:Yes. The amount depends on the size of your group and our large party contract found in our “Event’s and Private Dining” page on our website has the full breakdown of the deposit..
A:It is due within one week of booking your event.
A:50 people minimum up to a maximum of 60 people for a sit-down dinner.
A:If you shrink down below the minimum, you can pay the room fee of $1,000.00 to have the room exclusively for dinner, or $800.00 for lunch to up to a minimum of 30pl. Should you decide not to pay the room fee, the room will be opened for other bookings. PLEASE NOTE: We do not offer the room buyout during our high season which runs from October 15th to January 15th, and specific holidays, including New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Family Day.
A:Yes, you can decorate, however we do not allow any taping or stapling to our walls, drapery, or chairs. We also ask that you do not bring confetti. If you have vendors setting up and taking down for your event, please ensure that your vendors arrive on time for the take down as not to interfere with other diners. We always suggest minimal decorations for easier set up and take down. If you drop off your decorations and would like us to decorate for you, we may impose a decorating fee starting at $100.00 and up to $500.00 depending on the how much time and detail is required to complete your set up.
A:Yes, we do. We offer Lamb, Veal and Chicken as our Halal options.
A:Absolutely! But we do ask that you do not allow them to run through the restaurant, scream or disrupt other diners who are also out trying to have an enjoyable evening. It is also important to note that our service staff is working with very hot plates, hot coffee, and cutlery, all of which can cause serious injury should an accident occur. Children must remain seated during the time that you are dining with us.
A:We don’t have one inprint; however, our servers can verbalize our delicious children’s options for children 12 years and under.
A:Many of our main entrees containing fish, or meat are gluten free. We also offer gluten free pizza and gluten free pasta. If you are celiac, it is very important that you inform your server as we are not a flourless facility. We bake our own desserts, and bread onsite using flour daily throughout the day. We want to ensure a safe dining experience for you, and we will take the proper measures to ensure your meal is prepared safely away from any gluten containing items.
A:If you inform us ahead of time or on arrival of any severe allergies, we will ensure your meal is prepared separately and safely away from allergens. We do have ingredients on site that are known allergens which include Shellfish, Fish, Eggs, Dairy, Wheat, Strawberries, and most Tree Nuts. We cannot control airborne allergies and strongly suggest you carry your emergency EpiPen when dining out for anyone with anaphylactic allergies.
A:Very few, such as pasta, salads, soup. Please ask your server for options. Many of our dishes contain, egg, dairy, or animal fat, however we can tweak some options to accommodate a vegan diet.
A:Absolutely! We are an Italian restaurant, and we find wine adds a dimension to our flavors, but we are happy to alter our ingredients by leaving wine out upon request. Unfortunately, not all items containing wine or liquor can be removed upon request such as Osso Bucco, Tiramisu and Crème Brûlée.
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